Friday, October 5, 2007

Handmade Parade Offers Classes and Demos!!

DEMO: Print Your Heart Out by Jenn of Rosebud Designs -5 PM
Come learn foam printing with Jenn of Rosebud Designs. Meet at the couches in the back patio of the Coffee Garden to learn all you need to know about printing. Free!!

DEMO: The Room is Spinning! by Jenn of Rosebud Designs 5:30 PM

If you didn't get enough of Jenn's smarts with the printing, stay awhile longer and learn how to spin your own yarn! Free!!

KIT CLASS: Tag, You Are IT!! by Missy of Mohair Circus - 6 PM

If you aren't already enjoying the patio at Coffee Garden by then, 6 PM is the time to start! Join Missy as she teaches you to make some fab tags featuring her latest stamp designs. At the dining table on the patio. $3 per kit

KIT CLASS: Burn it Up Baby! by Katie of Katie Jean - 6:45 PM
Katie Jean teaches you to make your own decoupaged candle with vintage images. At the dining table on the patio. $4 per kit

KIT CLASS: Make Your Own Dang Jewlery! by Amy of Peptogirl Industries - 7:30 PM

Amy's gonna teach you to make you own jewlery! If you have them, bring your own needle nose pliers and she'll show you how it's done! At the dining table on the patio. $8 per kit

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Handmade Parade/little lovelies handmade Giveaway!

If you are planning to be there drop me a comment and let me know! I am planning on making some giveaways for blog reader who stop by my booth. Those who are near and far, please please please feel free to take this pic and do a post on your site for us. The more the merrier!! I'll have a covered button giveaway for those who post it on their blog and come back to little lovelies handmade to tell me they did it.
So, post about Handmade Parade and comment back here by Friday and on Saturday I'll pick a name and mail off all these covered buttons. If, by some amazing stroke of luck more than 25 people post about Handmade Parade on their blogs, I'll have a second giveaway of a naughty or nice notebook. Whatta deal!