Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Handmade Parade Fall '07: Part 2

Sweet Addie-Kelly Jones
As a stay-at-home mother to three children under the age of three, I seek refuge in all things creative! Sweet Addie, named after my daughter, Addison, combines many of my loves including, my passion and commitment to my family, and my obsession with items “with a past”. I spend my evenings and weekends creating beautiful wearable art pieces that will bring as much happiness to others as they do for me. I am a self-taught artist which means I work tirelessly to find ways to bring my visions to life. I am ever thankful to my supportive husband, who puts up with my tireless efforts, which often mean late nights at the craft table! While I never pictured myself as a mother to three, so close together, I am blessed to be able to watch them grow and learn everyday. Without them I would never have had the guts to start my little business, so thank you little babies!

Curly-Cue Design- Charissa

Charissa is a fifth generation California native who comes from a long line of antiquers, junk yard haunters, and funny little artisans. “My grandmother decoupaged and painted, my grandfather constructed everything is his yard out of junk yard finds, my mother pretty much tried her hand at most kinds of handcrafting, and my dad makes interesting objects d’art out of driftwood.” Charissa has been an artist of one kind or another her entire life. She has made a living as a freelance graphic designer since the early nineties, in addition to exploring any media that peaked her interest at the moment. She attended the MA program in Transformative Arts at JFKU in Berkeley, but took a leave of absence to finish raising her daughter as a single mom. Her previous business venture was, a gallery of vintage-inspired pin up with a digital art sci-fi comic strip as it’s central theme. She is a published writer, accomplished photographer and painter, and feels like she has found her tribe inside the DIY community that is catching fire all over the country. She lives in Petaluma, California with her teenage daughter, where she finds the blend of farm-country rustic and urban grunge inspires her craft best of all.

stylerecycled: Kelly Malone

stylerecycled was formed in 2000 by kelly malone. it started making bad kitty crafts with her mom as a kid and blossomed into reconstructed vintage, a line of barbie shoe earrings, guitar pick earrings and anything weird she can basically drill a hole in. recently she just started designed clothing, pillows and vintage style aprons. she likes puppies, kittens, rainbows and moonlit strolls. just kidding. she loves san francisco and puts on the mission indie mart where she has found a way to combine crafting, shopping & beer.

ZNE-Chelise Stroud Henry

Chelise Stroud Hery is a professional mixed media artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to being a whimsical artisan whose work is collected by patrons worldwide, Chelise also has extensive experience providing art and art-business related workshops. Chelise’s artwork was juried in to the 2002 Pro Arts Gallery (Oakland, CA) Emerging Artists show, and she has sold pieces in other local galleries as well. However, Chelise is largely a self representing artist and she has made building a support structure and community of fellow self representing artists a cornerstone of her professional life. She is also the founder of the international mixed media art group, variaZioNE (or, ZNE). ZNE is well known in the mixed media art community as a vibrant and active group, and it boasts over 1,000 members worldwide. A California Native, Chelise has completed courses in art history and the creative process through the Cal State East Bay University system ~ however, she is primarily self taught. Her teaching style incorporates her emphasis on the joy of creating as opposed to flawless technique.

Valeriote Designs-Melissa Valeriote
For as long as I can remember, I have been enchanted with the holidays falling prey to the magic of the seasons and inspired to create small bits of art that pay homage to holiday lore. What started out as an artistic passion has become a year round venture for me. With great love and attention to detail I hand sculpt and paint my holiday creations in my studio utilizing an endless variety of media. This journey has brought me exciting opportunities and the chance to participate with fellow artists in local folk art shows. Being part of a community of artisans and collectors is truly refreshing, bringing me great joy with endless sources of inspiration. I am grateful to be part of something that is an extension of who I am and surround myself with things and people that truly inspire me. Celebrate the magic in life and let imagination reign!

Bratitude Clothing Co.-Sondra

Bratitude Clothing Co is a small company that specializes in children's t-shirts and onesies with attitude.

Smash Toys- Lauren DeSalvo

I am Lauren. I am 26 years old, live in Oakland California and love art. love sewing and making stuffed toys for all to snuggle and adore. I also enjoy painting, drawing, and baking things :)***Handmade Parade is so happy to welcome Lauren and her sweet little toys to our event!

P Dot-Sarah Potter

With parents running a cabinet shop from home, my summers as a child were spent creating. This was not just a time-filler. I met many a 4H obligation by entering crafty items in the county fair. While no longer crafting for county-wide notoriety, I now sew and craft with eager randomness. Whether this is an attempt to keep up with my inspiration or to test my crafting ADD is anyone's guess. Like Alice in Wonderland, I sort of fell blindly into the craft fair world. I've had such a great time and met so many talented people the first time around that of course I'm here for the second Handmade Parade. Hope to see you there! In the meantime, check out my blog and etsy shop.

Storklings-Megan Udell

Storklings is my ultra-crafty alter-ego. The things I make have absolutely nothing to do with baby storks. I strive to make something a bit like wearable pop music: colourful, bright, bouncy & bubbly, and mix in a little bit of an "in-your-granny's-attic" kind of vibe. I've knit and sewn since I was in elementary school and taught myself to crochet last year-- now you'll practically never see me without a hook and yarn. My work is also influenced by Scandinavian hipsters, Japanese kitsch, old McCall's needlework magazines, old photographs and a variety of music. I live in Rocklin and when I'm not making things, I love to draw, read, go on adventures and try to fix up my bicycle. I vend my wares at

Speckled Hen-Lauren Brandy

I'm Lauren, a stay-at-home mom and maker of stuff. My laundry isn't done, there are dirty dishes in my sink and my kids are running wild in crazy dress-ups of their own imaginations. That's how wonderful life is here. I hope it's just as happy for you. *** Lauren makes adorable accessories, jewlery, toys and clothes with a simple fun asthetic.