Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'd Like to Introduce Myself...

I am way too overexcited about contributing to a blog to admit it. Well, to anyone else but you guys, of course. But I am! Claire has requested my virtual presence on Handmade Parade to act as a Resident Foodie. I made that title up, but I'm gonna go ahead and run with it. So look for my posts for recipes and other food related entries. Should you get a hankerin' (channeling inner Paula Deen here) for more food goodness, traipse on over to I Pray to Gouda , my little hangout.

For this first humble entry, I simply have a suggestion for a good read. You don't have to necessarily love food or cooking. But you should have a sense of humor. Because really, if you don't have that, you're going to encounter several problems in life that will begin with your loss of being unable to read this book. Julie and Julia is a hilarious autobiography of sorts, outlining the life of a 30-year old who decides to try her hand out at difficult French cooking for a solid year by channeling her inner Julia Child. It's severely on sale at, check it out and stay tuned for future recipe from moi!