Thursday, October 30, 2008

Notebook Party Favor or Stocking Stuffer Tutorial (and a giveaway to boot!)

Cute, huh? Wanna know how to make 'em? Thought you did!

You'll need:

A notecard
two sheets of paper
paper cutter
corner rounder
and not shown, but you still need...
sewing machine

Cut two sheets of paper in half

Trim your paper to fit the card you are using to make the notebooks

flod your cut sheets of paper in half and place into the card. Sew along the fold to make a binding.

Round the corners of the notebook and attach the box of crayons with ribbon.

And now you have yourself a super cute party favor that took all of 5 minutes to make! They impressed both kids and moms alike at the birthday party and each one cost probably less than 50 cents to make. No lie, my friends, no lie.

Hopefully this next tidbit will make your day! We are going to be giving away a little party pack to one lucky commenter! It will include 8 notebooks and eight cupcake picks (and maybe some extra treats, too!) . We'll make them in gender neutral primary colors so you can use them for a boy or girl (or maybe just for fun for yourself!).

So comment on this post by Tuesday and I'll pick a winner! If you want an extra chance to win just blog about the contest on your own blog (let me know in your comment that you blogged about it or intend to!) and I'll throw your name into the hat twice!