Friday, September 12, 2008

Wow! Where have YOU been all summer?

You might be wondering where I was all summer minute I was posting away and one minute, poof! She's gone!

Well...I have been busy crafting up a new baby! Our third baby, Charlotte Faith was born August 22 and since my last post I was on bedrest making sure she was healthy and safe and not born before she was done.

Not much computering was done during that time, but I am back and ready to kick off an awesome fall and holiday season! I am cooking up another challenge and Holiday Gift Guide and even thinking there might be a first HP sponsored swap in there somewhere.

I was told that life with three kiddos would be nuts, but so far it has been great and I have even been able to be productive!

I know! Crazy, huh?? Nothing is ready to be shared yet, but know this: big things are coming!! When I have some more details I will fill you all in, but for now you'll have to be content with me teasing you.

Next week I will be sharing what our next Handmade Parade Challenge will be, so get your creative brains ready!