Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Meet Amy!

Hey everyone! Meet the fabulous and talented Amy Cluck!


Why do I craft? It's a tough question for me to answer. I don't know why exactly, I just do. Perhaps it's in my genes, perhaps it's because I was brought up to craft, perhaps it's just who I am. I craft because I am crafty!

But I didn't always know that I was crafty. I was raised around my grandmother's toll painting, my father's woodworking, and numerous other crafty endeavors. I come from a land of handmade Christmas gifts and home-baked cookies. But I didn't realize how special those things were until a few years ago.

After I graduated college with my degree in multimedia and web design, I finally had time to take a class for me. I decided that jewelry-making sounded fun so I signed myself up. I had a nice collection of beads and occasionally made jewelry, but that class opened up new doors for me. I loved the feeling of being able to visualize a piece of jewelry and then to make it. I loved the feeling of being able to sporadically combine colors and shapes without worrying if it was "right" or "wrong." I loved the freeness and the realness of it. Computers are great but there's something surreal about them. You get so wrapped up in cyberspace that you can forget there's a world around you of smells, tastes, textures, and colors that no computer monitor can reproduce. Crafting brought me back to reality.

I was so excited to find other crafters like myself out there. I was excited of the possibilities, that you could make hip crafts that were fashionable. I found sites like
craftster.org (http://www.craftster.org/) and get crafty ( www.getcrafty.com) which inspired me. I met others online who were selling their crafts. And my collection of jewelry and handmade accessories were growing so fast that I had to do something. And so Peptogirl Industries was born.Today I make and sell crafts of all kinds, not just jewelry. I love learning new techniques and creating new styles. I only hope that other people enjoy wearing my creations as much as I enjoy making them!
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