Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Meet Shannon!

Shannon Udell comes to us from Roseville, CA and is an amazing fiber artist.


"I'm always searching out bits of folklore and fable to incorporate into my work and working hard to bring out some imaginative original items. Finding a place for the old fashioned or nostalgic in our lives can give us a moment to breathe.When I'm not sewing my fingers off in the living room, I'm reading, or I'm homeschooling the newly-immortalized Muki and Bubb. I love my husband, girls and dogs, God, my garden, the ocean and all the thousands of little things that swirl around to make my life! You'll see it all pop up in the things I sew.I grew up in the 1970's, when Sacramento was a small town with a growing culture of young artists and cool blues bands. My mother is a textile artist and my dad is a photographer. My love and vision for art and all things handmade grew quietly in my hideaway beneath a large oval quilting frame with my very own needle and what scraps I could salvage. The blocky forms in my work derived from the homespun items that I wore and played with and ate from and lived off of in my childhood home and garden."

On the web, I am: